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Born and raised in the vibrant community of the San Fernando Valley, Ca, Daisy Carlene was influenced from a young age by her mother, who also had a passion for creating art. Surrounded by creativity and artistic expression, she developed her own unique style that reflects the diverse landscape and cultural richness of her hometown. Her work captures the essence of her upbringing and family influence, resulting in a captivating artistic journey that continues to evolve and inspire others.

At a young age, Daisy would often catch her mom freestlying flowers, vines and palm trees in the bathroom and the homes of family members. Years later, her cousin had moved in with them and that really revved the artistic drive in her. He was known for doing graffitti murals so he was always out bombing the streets and doing it for the love of art.

During her adolescent years, she found herself subconsciously doodling in class and always acing her creative classes. Unknowingly watering the seeds to her future endeavors. From collages, to self portraits and abstract pieces. She is now a fine portrait artist based on colors, culture and radiant energy. From creating artwork that highlights faces of all backgrounds to making rugs and custom clothing. Applying her Mexican heritage and culture to her works of art is essential as it is and will always be the backbone of her pieces.